Gift Certificate

Kinkekaart Kalev SpaA Kalev Spa gift certificate is a creative and wonderful gift for a friend, a family member, a colleague, an employee or a business partner. We offer gift certificates in 3 different amounts: €10, €25 and €50. Loyalty card discounts do not apply when purchasing a gift certificate.

All products and services of the Kalev Spa Hotel and Water Park are available within the amount marked on the gift certificate according to their public price lists.

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You can find a suitable service in:

If the price for the consumed products/services exceeds the value of the gift certificate, the exceeded amount is paid by the owner of the gift certificate. If the price of the chosen service is lower than the value of the gift certificate, the difference will not be refunded in cash. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for money.

The gift certificate is valid for making a single payment; you can also use several gift certificates simultaneously to pay for a service or an item. A gift certificate is not personalized and it can be passed on to third parties. The date of expiry of gift certificates is not extended. Making copies of gift certificates is forbidden; all counterfeit certificates are confiscated. Gift certificates are numbered and have a security element.

Please make a reservation for the services you are going to pay for with a gift certificate except for swimming by calling +372 649 3303 or e-mailing at; when making the reservation, be sure to cite the number of the gift certificate.

You can purchase gift certificates from Kalev Spa hotel reception and water park administration. Larger orders can be purchased by e-mailing Gift certificates can be also purchased from our online shop!

Buy a gift certificate!