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Hand and foot treatments

Hand and foot treatments

Classic Alessandro Spa manicure
50 min
29 €

Beautiful, healthy, well-maintained nails are eye-catching and a confidence booster for men and women alike. Alessandro Spa’s classic manicure includes all of the key elements so that you enjoy the procedure and the results are as impressive and long-lasting as possible. It will leave you with a true sense of well-being. There are four stages to the manicure: cleaning, shaping, filing and nourishing. Anyone wishing to have their nails polished for the perfect finish can choose from our range of luxurious decorative polishes.

45 min
35 €

Beautiful hands are healthy, soft and well looked after. The Hand!Spa treatment includes a massage ritual using rose quartz. This stimulates circulation, gives you energy, refreshes the skin and boosts vitality. The treatment begins with exfoliation, after which a nourishing Vitality active serum is applied to your skin. This is followed by a wellness massage with rose quartz, which is known as the heart and love stone. To finish off, a wonderful silk elixir is applied to your hands. The results will leave you truly refreshed, with super-smooth hands and revitalised skin.

Luxurious wellness hand treatment 
90 min
50 €

This luxurious Alessandro treatment is a five-star experience for both hands and nails, bringing together the best features of the NailSpa manicure and Hands!Up procedure. The NailSpa treatment is guided by the needs of different types of nails. It involves aromatherapy and takes place in six stages: cleaning, shaping, filing, nourishing, special care and protection. The rejuvenating Hands!Up procedure includes cleansing exfoliation, active creams, a tautening and nourishing mask, a silk elixir and an amazing massage using rose quartz. Relax in the lap of luxury!

Spa Sensation paraffin treatment for the hands or feet
30 min
35 €

Enjoy a treatment that is relaxing and restores the natural softness of your skin. Guaranteed to keep you energised even the next day! You are fitted with paraffin gloves or socks warmed using a special device that is not powered by electricity. This fascinating ritual takes places before your very eyes. Your skin is pampered with a moisturising and balancing exfoliant, a revitalising serum and a luxurious cream chosen especially to match the condition of your skin. The pleasant aroma of lavender and sensual warmth reduce muscle tension and ensure an overall sense of well-being. The result is soft, elastic skin which is both moisturised and balanced.

Foot treatments

Pedix Marina Vital® Classic
60 min
42 €

We take thousands of steps during the day as a matter of course. We only notice how many we take when our feet need a bit of TLC. With the Pedix Marina Vital Classic treatment you can look after your feet so that you never have to think about the steps you are taking. The procedure begins with a Marina Vital Wellness foot bath. We then use cotton cushions with a Go Lightly compress to treat your feet, after which we turn our attention to your toenails. The compress is followed by exfoliation, a relaxing massage with a foot balm and nail polishing in the colour of your choice. To round out the treatment, we use exclusive Silky Touch powder to add a glamorous shimmer to your feet.

Pedix Wellness Detox
75 min
47 €

This relaxing foot treatment provides deep cleansing and residue removal. We begin with a detoxifying foot bath, after which we soften any calluses with a Go Lightly wrap. We take care of your toenails while this is happening. We follow up the wrap with filing and then exfoliate your feet with a Detox Peeling exfoliant that includes a valuable complex of oils that will cleanse and restore the softness of the skin. An enriching foot mask with vitamins and a range of beneficial extracts rounds out the treatment. Afterwards your feet are sure to feel fresh and light!