VIP saunas

A perfect place for birthdays and social events

VIP-saunadThe popular VIP saunas of the Kalev Spa are located on the 1st floor of the hotel. The interior design of saunas is well-planned, taking into account the feedback and satisfaction of customers.

In addition to the Finnish saunas and a large hot tub that can hold several people, the saunas also have a spacious party or a relaxation room, low tables and leather couches.

An LCD TV on the wall can be turned on to watch a show or a sports competition or to listen to background music; if you connect your laptop to the TV, you can play your favourite music. The saunas have a good view on the Water Park which is very conveniently connected to the saunas – a staircase that starts from the balcony of the sauna takes you straight into the fun and spacious Water Park.

Restaurant Linda is a great partner for the sauna visitors for laying the table and mixing exhilarating and invigorating cocktails. It is a real luxury to feel like a guest at your own party − Restaurant Linda sets out the most delicious feast for you before you arrive!

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