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Guinot Hydradermie treatments for face

Hydradermie is the star treatment of Guinot combining high-technology treatment methods. Guinot was the first to discover an excellent effect of galvanic ionization on the skin: deep cleansing, moisturizing and penetration of active ingredients.

The treatment is customized to the skin needs and beauty aims of each customer. Hydradermie – a secret discovered by many successful women all over the world who value effectiveness.

Effect of Hydradermie treatment: deep cleansing of the skin, restores the skin’s optimal moisture level, reduces wrinkles, restores a youthful radiant skin, soothes and oxygenates the skin, decreases couperosa and sensitivity.

Contraindications of Hydradermie treatment: pacemaker, metal protheses in the skull or in shoulder girdle, pregnancy.

Hydra Lift facials

With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, and signs of ageing appear on the face. Today Hydradermie Lift provides a ”youth revolution” by stimulating facial muscles to give them new tone and exert a lifting effect on the features. The lifting treatment with visible results from the first session.

Effect of Hydra Lift treatment: a radiant complexion, firm facial features, an instant lifting effect on facial muscles, firms the slackening skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Contraindications of Hydra Lift treatment: pacemaker, epilepsy, metal plate in the skull, face or shoulder girdle, pregnancy.

Guinot special manual facials

If you value highly effective professional skin care treatments that deliver visible results, allow yourself a special Guinot treatment. The specialists of Guinot laboratory have carefully developed these highly effective patented facials giving you instant effects.

Guinot facials

Enjoy this special time when your beauty therapist is fully devoted to making you more beautiful. As a result your face becomes more radiant and youthful.

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