Gift ideas

Gifts for colleagues

Give your colleague the gift of an experience.

Give the gift of an experience and unforgettable moments. We here at Kalev Spa value high-quality rest, sweet emotions and comfortable relaxation. Remember your employees and give them a nice holiday with their family or support your colleagues’ productivity, because we all know health begins with exercising.


A family pass to the water park for 3 hours - a great gift for an employee or colleague that’s fun for the whole family.


A pass to the water park for 3 hours for one or two people - a gift that lets you relax away from the humdrum of everyday life. A suitable gift for all ages.


A 3-hour pass to the fitness centre - a gift to motivate an active and healthy lifestyle.


Booking a private sauna for an event with colleagues or a cosy get together with friends. Kalev Spa’s private sauna is a place you can use exactly however you see fit.


The accommodation package Dream Vacation in the City - reward your good employees for their great results or surprise your business partner with an unforgettable vacation experience.


An accommodation package with a creative workshop for 10 people - a great opportunity to vacation together with a small group and take part in a fun creative workshop.


An accommodation package with a nude sculpture class at Tauno Kangro’s studio for 10 people - in this exciting workshop, you can as a group create a nude sculpture, spend time together and later relax at Kalev Spa’s hotel.


For larger groups, contact us at or call +372 5301 7173


Organise a delightful dinner or event at restaurant Allee for your team or group of friends. The layout of the restaurant itself ensures that different groups can all enjoy themselves at the same time.


For personal offers, contact our restaurant’s Sales Manager at ;