Luxurious mango-honey spa treatment 90 min

Luxurious mango-honey spa treatment 90 min

This pampering and luxurious mango-honey body treatment offers heavenly pleasure.

The mango-honey treatment is a combination of a moisturising fruit wax body treatment and a relaxing Balinese massage. The result of the body treatment is perfectly nourished, delicately scented and velvety skin. The treatment starts with a full-body exfoliation using an exquisite natural sea salt-flower oil exfoliator from the Indonesian islands. Its aroma pampers the senses and makes the skin silky soft. An aromatic fruit mask is then applied to the body. Its natural ingredients give softness and elasticity to the skin. Next is an exclusive Balinese massage with warm aroma oil. Special massage techniques relieve muscle tension, relax the senses and restore the true and natural harmony of the body.

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