Introduction to Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia Photographer: Jaak NilsonTallinn adopted Lübeck law in 1248! The main sight in Tallinn, Estonia is the well-preserved medieval Old Town that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Old Town consists of the Upper Town or Toompea located on a hill, currently housing the parliament and the government of Estonia, and the Lower Town with many wonderful theatres, cafés, restaurants and pubs in addition to its sights.

The Old Town is surrounded by the fortifications of the medieval Tallinn city wall and a green area that runs along the former esplanade.

You can find excitement in the underground passages under the medieval fortification with an entrance from the Kiek in de Kök tower. Among the many churches of the Old Town, you can climb the church tower of Oleviste where you will discover a breathtaking view across the city provided the weather is nice. Those interested in history can visit the Estonian History Museum and the Estonian Maritime Museum; a branch of the latter, called the Seaplane Harbour, is the most recent and the most contemporary interactive museum in Estonia – the single shell concrete building of the Seaplane Harbour alone is worth a visit being the first building of its kind in the world.

A little further away from the city centre, you will find the Estonian Open Air Museum where you can walk around and be transported back in time to 18–20th century Estonian village life. An even greater view than that from the Oleviste tower can be admired at the recently renovated TV tower. You can get to the different sights by taking one of the comfortable double decker buses of the Tallinn City Tour.

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