Descriptions of group workouts

Classes for muscle workout:

GYMSTICKTM – New and highly popular fitness system with special Gymstick. Gymstick is a safe fitness tool that does not allow doing exercises incorrectly and is thus very effective.  Class consists of exercise trios where each trio focuses on a different muscle group. It moves from easier to harder movements, and all major muscle groups get a workout during the class. Gymstick workout doesn’t have complex step combinations, and the class is suitable for both men and women, practitioners and athletes. According to Gymstick’s strength, each person can choose a suitable level of difficulty. Workout is conducted in sports shoes.

BODYPUMP® – Come and test yourself with one of the most popular group fitness workouts in the world! By using barbells and free weight-plates, all major muscle groups are worked during 60 minutes. Workout consists of efficient strength exercises such as squats, lunges, press-ups, etc. and does not include step combinations. BodyPump – maximum results with minimal time. Are you ready for changes? Workout is conducted in sports shoes. Read more

RINGTREENING (CIRCUIT TRAINING in the gym) – The training is carried out on the special Iron Cube 80 device. The session starts with a simple warm-up (3-5 minutes). Then, the trainer introduces the exercise performed on the machine and around it for 8-10 minutes. Parts of the exercise are meant to strengthen muscular power and other parts train aerobic stamina. Every exercise is performed for a certain time (45–60 seconds) and the group moves on to the next exercise at the trainer’s signal. During one session, the ‘circle’ or all exercises are performed two or three times. There are no step combinations in this training; aerobic load is applied through running and jumping exercises. The circuit training is varied and intensive, suitable for both beginners and advanced participants, because everyone can pick a suitable speed for doing the exercises. The training is suitable for both men and women. We recommend wearing gym gloves.

BODYTONING – A calm muscle training, where all muscle groups are trained in a balanced way. The class starts with a warm-up, where no combinations of steps are introduced. The main part of the training focuses on the muscular workout, using a variety of equipment: step bench, dumbbells, fitballs, bosu balls, toning tubes and bars. This training develops muscular endurance, and improves coordination and posture. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced exercisers.

Express classes:

If there’s little time, it pays to focus on working problem areas. For this, we offer express classes:

KÕHT/SELG 30′ (ABS/BACK 30′) – 30 minute intense workout for abs and back.

KÕHT/SELG/TUHAR 45′ (ABS/BACK/BUTTOCK 45′) – 45 minute workout for the most problematic areas – glutes, thighs, and abs. Light warm-up is followed by muscle workout where exercises benefit from both various tools and the person’s own bodyweight. The class is suitable for practitioners at any level.

Active aerobic classes:

JUMPING® is an intensive and enjoyable training, where you can express yourself with catchy music. This workout is pure fun! Jumping® is carried out on the specially developed Jumping® PRO trampolines. Jumping® is a combination of slow and quick jumps, a variation of traditional aerobics steps, and the dynamic elements of speed and strength sports. The variety of exercises ensures that the whole body is strengthened. Jumping® is three times more effective than running. This is due to constant changes of gravity, which include the contraction and relaxation of more than 400 muscles at the same time. The end of the class focuses on body-building and relaxation.

HIIT 30´ – HIIT is an abbreviation of High Intensity Interval Training. The aim of the training is to burn a maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time. The class starts with a warm-up that rapidly raises your pulse and prepares your body for an intensive workout. Further training consists of intervals with intermittent short (max 1 min) but vigorous sprints and recovery periods (20–30 s). While sprinting, your pulse might reach 90–95% of the maximum heart rate. Exercises are versatile and include different training equipment. HIIT promotes boosting your metabolism and improves your aerobic capability. After the workout, the afterburn of calories will take place for several more hours.
This training is not suitable for beginners and for people suffering from breathing problems (e.g. asthma) or cardiovascular diseases. Due to its high intensity, the workout is not recommended more than three times a week.

Spinning classes:

Spinning is an efficient indoor bicycle workout on exercise bikes, with the instructor’s guide and music. The objective of spinning is to train aerobic stamina; it’s very well suited for cardiovascular training and developing the respiratory system. For cycling fans and enthusiasts it’s a good way to prepare for summer bicycling and keep in shape in the cold winters of Estonia. Spinning is good for physical exercise, having a particularly big emphasis on buttocks, thighs and legs, but also making stomach and back muscles work, because those are used to maintain the proper cycling position. Participating in the class does not require any special equipment – all you need are proper workout clothes and footwear, small towel for wiping sweat and water bottle. Depending on the style of workout, spinning is versatile and offers various challenges for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike.

INTERVAL 50´ – Class where fast and slow tempo alternate, pulse is taken up, then brought back down again. Interval class “terrain” is similar to the uplands: constant up-and-down cycling alternates with a few sections of level plains, where participants can catch their breath, there are longer and shorter climbs, accelerations and sprints. The objective of the workout is to increase aerobic stamina. The class is intense, cycling technique is varied. The workout is for participants in good physical condition.

FATBURNER 55´ – Class with even tempo and strain that maintains the average pulse rate. There are no sprints or climbs. The workout follows a fairly smooth “road”. Well suited for overweight people who wish to lose weight, while also providing a good strain for the heart and develops aerobic stamina.

FREESTYLE 50´– the class combines different exercises and techniques. Develops both aerobic and speed stamina. The workout may either have fast tempo and small strain or heavy strain and slow, but emotional and using different styles of music. The workout ends with cool-down and stretching.

POWERSPINN 30´– a short and intensive spinning class. Powerspinn puts your physical and mental limits to the test, consisting of maximum effort followed by time to rest and prepare for the next effort. Powerspinn gives you strong muscles and burns many calories. The intensity of the workout ensures afterburn for hours after the training.

SOOVISPINN 50′ (REQUEST SPIN 50´) – Friday evening interval spinning class based on the songs requested by our clients. Request a song from the trainer and in the next class you can work out to this song! Request spin is only done by our trainer Peeter Karask.

Body&Mind classes:

BODYBALANCE® – Combination of yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates that works on flexibility and strength and creates a concentrated, calm mood. Controlled breathing, concentration, and carefully chosen stretching exercises, movements, and poses together with music form a whole. If you’re looking for harmony and balance in your workout, then BodyBalance is a good choice. Relax and enjoy. Does not include step combinations, suitable for everybody. Workout is conducted barefoot or in socks. Read more

PILATES – Fitness system that is named after its creator Joseph H. Pilates. The main objectives of the Pilates system are to strengthen core muscles through stabilising vertebrae and achieving physical and mental balance.  The Pilates system involves the entire body and mind, moves from easier exercises to more difficult ones by putting the emphasis on the fitness process and experience of exercises. During the workout, exercises are performed in specific order, new exercises are added only when the body is ready for it. The workout is safe, because exercises are done on an exercise mat. Pilates focuses on the accuracy, smoothness, and control of movements, vertebrae, and internal muscles. Great attention is paid to extending short muscles and strengthening weak muscles. Correct breathing is important. Goal: improving the quality of movement and mental relaxation. Workout is conducted barefoot or in socks.

bodyART – Is a functional body & mind workout, where exercises are influenced by yoga, physiotherapy, various martial arts, and regular strength exercises. BodyART helps to simultaneously both increase muscle strength and endurance and release your senses and inner strength. The workout doesn’t have complex choreography or step combinations. If regular strength workout focuses more on every muscle group independently, then in bodyART fitness a person is a functional unit where exercises that simultaneously work the entire body are combined to be a whole together with classic breathing techniques. Several exercises train balance and thus take the focus to the body’s centre. BodyART is based on yin and yang or the principles of opposites that in the workout are reflected as inhaling and exhaling, flexing and relaxing. Workout is conducted barefoot or in socks.

SELJAJOOGA (BACK YOGA) – These classes are designed for anyone looking to prevent or reduce back pain, improve spinal movement and strengthen their back muscles. The training is based on appropriate strength and stretching exercises and correct breathing. Regular attendance of the classes will help you free yourself from back pain. The sessions do not require shoes – you can take part barefoot or in socks.

MORNING YOGA –wakes up your mind and body. It is a good start to your day. In the class, you can practice various positions that make your body more flexible and stronger when performed consistently. As people do not bend equally, the trainer gives easier and more complicated versions of different asanas or positions, so that each participant can find a suitable one. Morning yoga ends with active breathing and gives you a good feeling, so a new successful day can begin!