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Kalahari SPA

The range of Kalahari Spa, that originates from South Africa, is inspired by an extraordinary journey to the magical Kalahari Desert. The products of Kalahari Spa, prepared according to the beauty recipes of the African desert that have been kept in secret for centuries, enable you to experience the real luxury of nature’s treasures. The ingredients that renew, clean and moisturize one’s skin have derived from the exotic trees and plants that grow in this region, e.g. Baobab oil, Kalahari Watermelon, marula fruit, etc.

All the products are natural and the packages are made from 100% recycled materials. The whole production process is in concordance with the ecological requirements. Kalahari is also actively involved in charity, helping the African families in need.

Body treatments

Germaine de Capuccini body treatments

The leading professional cosmetics line Germaine de Capuccini has been a hit in beauty salons around the world for more that 65 years. The secret to its success lies in advanced skincare products and treatments, which have been co-created by highly qualified skincare experts and doctors. The products have undergone strict efficacy testing and comprehensive quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction as well excellent results with various skin problems, both at a salon and at home.

Algoane body treatments

Permanent Contour®

Permanent Contour® massage and skin care rituals for face and body bind the ancient Asian herbal balls’ massage with contemporary scientific achievements. This unique ritual is great for relaxing. It improves your general state of mind, increases the level of brain’s „feel-good“ chemicals – endorphins, improves metabolism, strengthens immune system, and improves the quality of sleep.

In the massage ritual, we use herb stamps of different effects, depending on your preferences. Herbal massage stamps are filled with pure and natural plants and blossoms mostly harvested by hand, and gathered all around the world. In addition, the stamps used in the body ritual include the famous Bad Reichenhall salt crystals. During the ritual, nicely warm water steam flows through the herb stamp. The warmth and the salt crystals dissolved in water guarantee the maximum absorption and effect of the curative active agents originating from plants. A warm steam flow keeps the massage stamps warm during the entire procedure.

Permanent Contour® is perfect for relaxation, in case of stress and chronic fatigue syndrome; it relieves muscular tensions and chronic joint pains. It helps to cleanse the skin, remove residues from the body, and is suitable for cellulite treatment and correction of your figure. The ritual is complemented by a therapeutic cocktail of oils, which includes carefully selected natural oils. Your skin receives effective scrub and care.