Body Analysis

We recommend Body Analysis to all customers visiting our sports club for the first time.

Body Analysis consists of two parts:

1. Measurements – the Omron body analyser is used for the measurements. The device determines your body weight, body fat percentage and proportion of muscle. If you wish, the trainer can measure your waistline and hips as well

2. Physical test (optional) – the trainer will ask you to perform some exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc., and assess your physical form

On the basis of the information, the trainer will recommend the intensity and manner of training and specify which training styles are most suitable for you. Body Analysis can be performed on a regular basis, every few months for example, in order to monitor your physical form and improve your results, if desired.

We ask you to book the service in advance by contacting one of the trainers:

You can pay at the ticket counter of the Water Park (€ 15 / client price € 13, 50 (every consecutive time with no charge)