Descriptions of group workouts

AQUAAEROBIC – Classic water aerobics class that utilises various rhythmic movements and dance step combinations. Using equipment helps to increase muscle strain to improve endurance and strength.

AQUABOX – Highly intensive water aerobics class that incorporates various martial arts elements (e.g. hand and leg kicks), equipment is special boxing gloves.

AQUAINTERVAL – Water aerobics fitness where highly intense exercises or exercise combinations alternate with less intense ones (recovering). Load, duration, and frequency of intervals are checked by a coach. Straining + recovering= I interval cycle. Good endurance workout in the water.

AQUAMIX – Combined aerobic and muscle training in water. An hour develops both muscle power and resistance.

AQUATONE – class that focuses on working muscles in the water. Incorporates different equipment: noodles, balls, dumbbells, tubes, etc.

AQUAPUMP – Strength and muscular training in the water. All larger muscle groups are exercised during the session, using dumbbells and foot weights as aids. A programme lasts for 3 months, and then the exercises change.

AQUACORE  – A body muscle or waistline training in the water. A special gymnastics stick is used to increase the load.

AQUAHIIT – a powerful cardio training in the water, which requires your utmost effort. Intervals of 40/20, 30/15, 20/10 make you exert yourself to help you give everything you have. AquaHIIT is an intensive calorie burner that improves aerobic durability and athletic fitness. At the end of the training, muscles are trained by using different equipment.

AQUAPILATES – a combination of cooperation between muscle strength, and mind and body. Smooth movements, water resistance, and the focused work of body muscles help improve flexibility and balance. The training helps you relax and guarantees a good feeling!

GYMSTICK H2O – These water-based workouts, which are designed for muscle training, make use of the unique Gymstick. The sessions comprise trios of exercises where each trio focuses on a different group of muscles. The movements become progressively harder, with all of your major muscle groups put to the test during the session. There are no complex combinations of steps with Gymstick and the workouts are suited to men and women at all levels. The Gymstick is available in two colours: green (light) and blue (medium-weight).

AQUASPINNING – Aqua spinning entails pedalling a bike whilst immersed in water up to your chest. This exercise is suitable for everyone and a good change for those who want to try something new in addition to water aerobics and swimming. Exercising in water puts less stress on joints. It is smooth and there is no threat of trauma, which also makes it suitable for people for whom ordinary cycling is counter-indicated.
Aqua spinning makes it possible to imitate going uphill, cycling on a road or cycling on changing terrain. The rhythm of the music decides the speed and you have to spurt or cycle nicely downwind. You can change the training load yourself by regulating the resistance settings on the bike before you start exercising. Aqua spinning is great for people who want to increase their aerobic stamina, develop muscle strength, strengthen their cardiovascular system and lose weight.
When you come to the aqua spinning class for the first time, please make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes early so the instructor can show you how to prep the bike.
Please note: you need aquatic fitness shoes for the class (sold in Kalev Spa).

SWIMMING CLASS (carried out in the 50 m pool of the water park) – is a training session in the water that develops the body and mind, where under the instruction of the trainer, several techniques of swimming styles are taught and practised. The participants will learn jumping into the water, turning, swimming in the open water and orienteering. The content of the class is different each time and it is suitable for those who are able to swim breaststroke or backstroke. The obligatory equipment includes goggles, a swim cap is recommended in case of longer hair.

VESIJOOKS (WATER JOGGING) – Exciting alternative to regular swimming, water aerobics, and water gymnastics! Utilises a special belt that lifts the person in a vertical position to the surface of water without having to make excessive movements. Thanks to water resistance, making movements in the water is harder than on land without straining muscles. Half an hour of jogging in water equals two hours of running on dry land with the same intensity. Water jogging develops aerobic capacity, increases muscle strength and decreases muscle strain, improves cardiovascular activity, expedites metabolism. Everyone can do water jogging and its suitable for everyone, particularly for overweight people, those suffering from muscle pains, and for rehabilitation.

BEEBIOOTEL (WATER AEROBICS FOR EXPECTING MOTHERS) – Water aerobics for expecting women at a calmer pace that considers their needs.

SEENIORIDE VESIVÕIMLEMINE (WATER GYMNASTICS FOR SENIORS) – Water gymnastics session in a calm pace, suitable for older people. The main focus of the session is on exercises for improving the posture and strengthening the muscles. Various aids are used to facilitate intensify the exercises.