Swimming Lessons

Water park and sports club are closed for renovations until March 2019. 

Kalev Spa offers swimming lessons to both adults and children. It is never too late to learn to swim!

Swimming lessons for adults:

Swimming classes are divided into two groups:

Price 240 €/20 sessions of group training with swimming for a merit badge included (client price 216 €)
Classes take place at the water park in 25m and 50m pools

Information and registration:
Instructor Andres Olvik ujumiskursused@kalevspa.ee or +372 5686 0968

What is swimming for a merit badge?

Swimming for a merit badge is suitable for the last swimming lesson of a swimming course. Participants have the opportunity to receive one merit badge according to their skills and abilities. Participants can choose their own swimming style or styles to swim 25 m, 50 m, 100 m, or 200 m. Swimming these distances will earn the participants a corresponding merit badge (explanation below). The complex exercise of the merit badge “I can swim” corresponds to being able to swim. Swimming for a merit badge provides every participant with information about the acquired swimming abilities, helps set goals, and motivates participants to improve their swimming abilities to swim longer distances in the future.

What do the merit badge look like?

Swimming lessons for children: