Safety requirements for using the attraction Wibit AquaTrack

In order to guarantee a pleasant and safe use of the attraction, please follow the rules below:

  1. Using the attraction requires swimming skills and it is performed on your own responsibility.
  2. Using the attraction is allowed for people over 6 years of age and with a minimum height of 1.1 m.
  3. Using the attraction is forbidden for pregnant women.
  4. Using the attraction is allowed only with a safety vest.
  5. Do not wear glasses, jewellery or other sharp objects when using the attraction.
  6. When on the attraction, move only in one direction.
  7. Please observe the safety of other people using the attraction.
  8. Swimming under the attraction is forbidden.
  9. Intentional pushing and diving from the attraction are forbidden.
  10. The landing place at the end of the attraction has to be freed immediately after using the attraction.
  11. For the safe use of the attraction, please follow the instructions and gestures of the lifeguard-instructor.

The attraction complies with the EU standard 16549. The Water Park of Kalev Spa assumes no responsibility for the damages arising from the failure to follow the safety requirements of the attraction and the internal rules!