Water Park Shop

You can buy leisure and exercise products in the lobby of the Kalev Spa Water Park. Out of the more well-known brands, Speedo, Craft and Nike are represented with the largest collections. A. Le Coq, Fast, Mybody and Isostar products are available in the food supplements and sports drinks section.

If you forget to bring your swimwear, towel or a bathrobe when visiting the Water Park, do not worry. We can rent the necessary swimwear or sauna wear.

In our product range you will find:

Speedo white and blackSpeedo – the largest swimwear brand of the world with 80 years of history. It was founded in Australia and moved later to Great Britain; Speedo produces swimwear and its range covers all areas of water sports. The product selection of Speedo offers suitable products to both toddlers and to seniors and from amateurs to Olympic winners.

The Kalev Spa shop offers the best selection of Speedo products in Estonia. The main product groups are swimwear, swimming goggles and caps and various swimming equipment. Young children will find a suitable product from the Sea Squad series that is specially designed to teach them to swim. Friends of water aerobics can purchase a suitable swimsuit or other equipment for an aerobics class from the Swim Active collection. More dedicated swimmers can find suitable products from the Speedo BioFUSE top swimming range. Additionally, the shop offers a wide range of swimsuits; the trendiest and most feminine ones belong in the Speedo Sculpture series. The Kalev Spa shop offers a selection of Speedo products to satisfy all water sports lovers.

Craft logo mustaCraft – a Swedish manufacturer of functional athletic wear. It is mainly known for its cross country skiing equipment and warm underwear. However, CRAFT also has some items well-suited for indoor activities in its collection. In the Kalev Spa shop, every person working out in the Fitness Centre can find suitable trousers, shirts and socks.


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