Day Spa

A Bali Island Dream

Enjoy a beauty ritual that is like a mini-break on the island of Bali, combining body and mind-boosting relaxation in a private Sauna-Oasis with a truly revitalising facial treatment using special Bali massage techniques and organic facial products.

99 €

A journey to the tropics

The journey to the tropics without a passport can begin! Enjoy the present moment and forget your worries, nourish your senses and body and experience the tropical warmth!

The day starts with a visit to the luxurious yet cosy Sauna Oasis and the prestigious Kalev Spa water centre, followed by a relaxing Cinq Mondes Bali massage ritual in the Beauty & Health salon, during which you can enjoy gentle stretches and the skin-smoothing techniques of Thai massage.

94 €

Oriental relaxation

Enjoy tropical warmth and treatments inspired by oriental rituals to calm the body and mind, using traditional and deeply relaxing North African massage techniques. Complete the relaxing day with a 2-course delicious meal at the Allee restaurant with a welcome drink.

167 €

A Moment for Yourself

Find a moment for yourself and get out of the daily routine! Come and refresh yourself in the recently revamped Kalev Spa. This Day Spa is perfect for people with a busy lifestyle and even after only a few hours of relaxing, you'll feel rested again.

45 €

Day Spa for Men: Haircut and Massage

This package for men is both practical and enjoyable!

46 €

Perfect Body Treatment

We need to take care of our bodies and allow them to rest. For this reason, we have created the special Day Spa!

59 €

‘Us Time’ for the Two of You

This amazing day spa package will snap you out of your everyday routine and put you in the holiday mood. And it’s all the more enjoyable for being designed for two!

120 €

Caress the soul

It is undeniable that your body and mind need care and pampering from time to time. That is why we have created a day spa where you can disconnect, self-reflect and escape from everyday life.

95 €