Body analysis

We recommend having your body analysed before you start with training, so as to set yourself proper goals.

The analysis gives you an overview of the state of your body and provides you with guidelines on both healthy eating and safe and effective exercising.

The test uses an Accuniq BC300 body analyser. Its results are 99% accurate and the recommended indicators have been approved by WHO (the World Health Organisation).

Body analysis reveals:

  • Your biological age
  • The percentage of fat in your body and how it’s distributed
  • The proportion of muscle mass in your body
  • The amount of minerals, liquids and proteins in your body
  • Your percentage of abdominal fat
  • Your recommended daily intake of calories
  • How best to adjust your weight

How the test works

Your body analysis is carried out by a personal trainer and takes around 15 minutes. Measurements are taken barefoot. The results are printed out for you to take home with you, but can also be saved online if you wish.

In order for the measurements to be as precise as possible you should:

  • Avoid eating for 3-4 hours beforehand
  • Avoid drinking coffee or energy drinks for around 4 hours beforehand
  • Avoid exercising, saunas and anything else that leads to excessive sweating for at least 4 hours beforehand
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours beforehand
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water around 2 hours beforehand

Price and bookings: