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Hand and foot treatments

Hand and foot treatments

Classic manicure with polish
50-60 min
39 €
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Beautiful, healthy, well-maintained nails are eye-catching and a confidence booster for men and women alike. Classic manicure includes all of the key elements so that you enjoy the procedure and the results are as impressive and long-lasting as possible. It will leave you with a true sense of well-being. There are four stages to the manicure: cleaning, shaping, filing and nourishing. Anyone wishing to have their nails polished for the perfect finish can choose from our range of luxurious decorative polishes.

Manicure with gel polish
60-70 min
45 €
Manicure with gel polish (treatment)
70-90 min
50 €

Foot treatments

Pedicure with gel polish
60-75 min
56 €
Pedicure with gel polish (treatment)
70-90 min
62 €