Fitness center

Dear sports lovers!

I am Anu Ruutu, Head Trainer at Kalev Spa Fitness Centre, and I am inviting you to join us at our cosy sports club.

I have been a trainer for over 25 years, which has given me plenty of experience with both aerobic and more intense workouts.

I value diversity and the opportunity to challenge myself with a variety of workouts. Kalev Spa Fitness Centre is the perfect embodiment of these values. The Fitness Centre offers many styles of workout and a wide range of exercise equipment, introducing variety and excitement to your workouts!

If you haven’t been into exercising before, I suggest our group workouts, which help to increase your muscle tone and improve your physique. It’s more fun in a group!

Your body will find relaxation with our Pilates, stretching and yoga classes. Discover your inner Zen!

For me, the cherry on top, however, is the selection of water workouts, including Aqua Aerobic, Aqua Pump or Suppama. The adult swimming classes in our unique 50-metre pool offer superb added value. You can train like a true Olympian!

I am very happy to work with experienced professionals who focus on the needs of their clients and motivate and support them on their journey.

I can assure you that your Kalev Spa Fitness Centre trainer can become your best friend, supporter and advisor who will help you stay on track when you lose motivation and will. If you feel that you need such a friend, take a look at our personal trainers and personal workout options.

Exercise and relaxation go hand in hand! I’m glad that Kalev Spa offers many opportunities for relaxation – get a massage to relax your muscles in the beauty centre or escape to the tropics in the adult-only Sauna Oasis. If you want unlimited exercise and relaxation, I recommend becoming a GOLD customer!

If you think your colleagues need an athletic motivation day, we will find a solution in our Fitness Centre. Our business solutions are always personalised and comprehensive.

Your body is like the home that you live in; take care of it and you will feel good and be happy!

Anu Ruutu
Head trainer


From September until 19 June

Autumn - spring season

Mon-Fri 06.30-22.30
Sat and Sun 08.00-22.30

(entrance Mon-Sun until 21:00)
from 20 June until 31 August

Summer season

Mon-Sun 08.00-22.00
(Hotel Guest 06.30-22:00)

(entrance until 20.30)


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