Parking in the designated parking spaces in front of the Water Park (13 parking spaces, EuroPark parking zone):

Free for Water Park and Sports Club users. Parking needs to be registered at the water park cash desk.

A guest of Kalev Spa can park for a discount in the car park of 6 Väike-Rannavärav Street. Parking for three hours is €5 for guests of Kalev Spa.

Parking in front of Kalev Spa Hotel (6 parking spaces):

€24 for 24 hours


Explore other nearby parking options.

Snabb app car parks:

Porto Franco / Laeva 1 (possibility of parking with the Snabb app)

Promenaadi parkimismaja / Poordi 3 (EP149)

Ahtri 3 (EP42), 6€ / day. 


Europark car parks 

Väike-Rannavärav 6 (EP133). A favorable opportunity for Kalev Spa customers - parking for three hours only €5.
EuroPark zone

Car park next to Rimi supermarket (EP24)
Aia 7, EuroPark zone

Mere pst 6/8 (EP6)
Mere pst 6, EuroPark zone

Sadama (EP29)
Mere pst 10, EuroPark zone

Car park in front of Kalev Spa Water Park
Aia 18, Old Town zone