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Booking terms and conditions

Children’s parties can be booked by filling in the booking form, e-mailing or calling +372 534 998 85. Take a look at the birthday packages Kalev Spa offers and review the terms and conditions before making your booking.

If you book by e-mail, we will need the following details:

  • date of party
  • preferred time
  • name and age of birthday boy or girl
  • name and surname of person making booking
  • telephone number and e-mail address of person making booking
  • selected package
  • number of guests
  • catering order (if requested)

The minimum group size for birthday packages is 10 (children aged 5-17). Each package provides free admission to up to two supervising adults. The supervising adults are responsible for the behaviour and safety of the children in their charge. If there are more than two adults in the group, the package price applies to the additional adults.

Each birthday package includes 3 hours’ access to the Water Park in addition to the selected room (either the VIP sauna or children’s party room), of which the guests have exclusive use. Alternatively, a table can be reserved in the public area of the Water Park’s café. Both the children’s party room and the VIP sauna can accommodate up to 15 people, but the café can only seat parties of 10.

The children’s party room and the café are both accessible from the Water Park, while access to the VIP sauna is from the hotel. Depending on which room you have booked, tickets and payments are handled at the front desk of either the Water Park or the hotel. Visiting time includes changing and showering.

Bookings and payment

After receiving your booking we will send you confirmation and a prepayment invoice (for 50% of the total cost) within two working days (48 hours). Before paying the invoice you should check that the details match those you gave us when booking. You can pay the remaining 50% (including the cost of any additional orders placed) on the day in cash or by card. If we do not receive your prepayment within two working days of entering your booking in our system, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

The total cost of your package depends on the number of guests. A minimum number of 10 guests applies to all packages.

In booking a children’s birthday party package you agree to the booking terms and conditions and confirm that you have reviewed the house rules.


All birthday party packages include catering, which is provided by Kalev Spa’s restaurant Allee. Should you wish to, you can order extra food from the birthday menu. Bringing your own food and drinks to Kalev Spa is not permitted. Additional orders should be confirmed at least three working days before your party. Orders should be submitted by e-mailing or calling+372 534 998 85.

Extra snacks and drinks can be purchased during your party from the water park café. Payment takes place on site in cash or by card.

Amending or cancelling a booking

If you need to amend or cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing or calling +372 534 998 85.

If you need to cancel your booking, we will offer you another date and time for your party in the following three months (where available).

The rules of cancelling bookings for which the prepayment has already been made are as follows:

  • A party can be cancelled and the prepayment will be reimbursed in full to the bank account of the person who made the booking within three working days if the party is cancelled at least 10 days in advance.
  • A party can be cancelled and 50% of the prepayment will be reimbursed to the bank account of the person who made the booking within three working days if the party is cancelled 3-9 days in advance.
  • A party can be cancelled but the prepayment will not be reimbursed if the party is cancelled less than 3 days in advance.

To have your prepayment reimbursed, e-mail (subject line: reimbursement; message content: order number, bank account number and name of account holder).