Type of trainings

The types of training

Muscle training

helps keep your body in shape and, as the name suggests, strengthen your muscles


This endurance training set to uptempo music is a Les Mills concept class and is currently one of the most popular training styles all over the world. What makes it a concept is the fact that all of the exercises you do and every piece of music used during a session are chosen by the trainer. Special weights and barbells are used, and you decide how heavy they should be depending on your level of training. We recommend that beginners speak to the trainer before starting classes.

During the session you do effective exercises including squats, slides and press-ups.

The focus is on repetitions. By regularly increasing the weight you work with your body and musculature will get stronger all the time.


This varied training takes place at a leisurely pace. It boosts muscle tone and improves total body shape. During the session you use things like step benches, dumbbells, fitballs, Bosu balls, rubber expanders and bars. BodyToning is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Belly, Back & Buttocks

This training hones in on the problem areas that are the belly, back, thighs and buttocks. The exercises make use of equipment as well as utilising your own body weight.

You can choose between 45-minute and 55-minute sessions. The training is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Circuit training

Circuit training takes place in the gym with a group size of no more than 12 people. That way the trainer gets to work with each of the participants personally and check that they are doing the exercises correctly.

Exercises of various levels of difficulty and intensity are done during the session to develop your endurance and muscle strength. Different techniques are used as well as a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, medicine balls, plyoboxes, wall bars, rubber expanders and speed ladders.

Each exercise is done for a specific amount of time (40-60 seconds) before the trainer moves you on to the next exercise. A complete circuit is done in every session, with each exercise being repeated two to three times.

Circuit training can be challenging for experienced athletes but is also doable for beginners, because if you find any of the exercises unsuitable you can replace them with something else better suited to your abilities. No music is used for circuit training and the trainer does not use a microphone.


Combined/aerobic training

develops your endurance and is great for burning calories


HIIT is high-intensity interval training that will really get you going and put your endurance to the test!

The session starts with a warm-up, raising your BPM and preparing your body for the workout that lies ahead. The rest of the session, as the name suggests, takes place in intervals where you vary between intensive and very effective aerobic exercises (running, jumping, thrusts, etc.) and less intense exercises that nevertheless still require you to make an effort.

The training is easy to follow and the trainer demonstrates both simpler and harder versions of the exercises. If you really push yourself you can burn up to 700 kcal in one Intensity session.

This type of training requires you to be in good shape and have high levels of endurance. It is not suitable for those with heart problems, back or knee injuries or high blood pressure or for pregnant women.


This aerobic training aims to get your pulse up into the fat-burning zone through constant movement. Each session switches between simple combinations of steps and muscle training using a step bench and dumbbells.

This training can be done by people of all ages and levels of fitness and is well suited to those looking to lose weight.


This fun, intense training gets you moving to music and gives you the chance to really vent! It uses specially developed Jumping® trampolines.

During the first half of the session you do a series of jumping exercises at different speeds and using various techniques, while in the second half you also do strength exercises. JumpingFit is three times more effective than running and strengthens your entire musculature. This is due to the continuous gravitational changes you undergo, which involve more than 400 muscles contracting and relaxing at the same time.

Children from the age of 12 are welcome to join in. This training is not suitable for those with back or knee injuries or muscle problems or for pregnant women.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and requires sports shoes.

Body & Mind

sessions help you relax, boost your flexibility and improve your posture

Body & Mind

This training is based on yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates exercises. It improves flexibility and balance, develops your ability to concentrate, strengthens your muscles and helps you relax. Your stomach, back and leg muscles get the most intense workout.

Music plays its own part in Body & Mind training. Every song is chosen according to the nature and objective of each exercise. The session ends with 6-10 minutes of unwinding and meditation.

The training is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and takes place in socks or barefoot.


This functional training is inspired by yoga, physiotherapy, martial arts and ordinary strength exercises.

Whereas ordinary strength training tends to focus on the muscle groups separately, BodyART treats each person as a functional unit and utilises a combination of full-body exercises and classic breathing techniques.

This training can be physically challenging and is best suited to those with a higher level of fitness. The sessions take place in socks or barefoot.



Vinyasa jooga 

This vigorous yoga training is characterised by conscious breathing and an unbroken flow when moving from one position to another. The emphasis is on coordination, cooperation between mind and body, improving mobility and strengthening muscles. Vinyasa yoga has no rules or restrictions: each class is led by the teacher and dedicated to the students.

This training is suitable for those just starting out with yoga and those who have been doing it for a long time, since the aim is to adopt an individual approach based on the level of the participants.


Group training in the water

alleviates muscle tension, gets your metabolism working faster and boosts your aerobic capacity


SuppamaHIIT is a fun but high-intensity full-body workout on fitmats in the pool. It improves muscle endurance and strength, develops coordination and balance and is very effective at burning calories.

The exercises are set to music and each session lasts for 45 minutes. The training is fun, varied and challenging and will really boost your strength. You must be able to swim in order to take part, since falling into the water is part of the lesson – the only people who stay dry are those who aren’t doing the exercises properly!

You can do the training in swimwear or in short, comfortable sports clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Children from the age of 12 who are good swimmers can also take part in SuppamaHIIT training provided they are accompanied by a parent.





This classic form of training utilises a variety of rhythmic movements and combinations of steps. Noodles, balls, dumbbells, tubes and other types of equipment are used to increase muscle strength so as to boost your overall strength and endurance.


This effective muscle training uses a range of equipment to strengthen your muscles and helps you perceive the resistance from the water without overburdening your joints.


Water aerobics

These sessions take place at a slower pace, making them suitable for people of all ages. Various exercises are used to improve posture and strengthen the muscles. A range of equipment is utilised to make the exercises easier and more effective.


This training switches between high-intensity exercises and less intense ones designed for recovery. The intensity, duration and frequency of the intervals is determined by the trainer. The formula for these sessions is: exertion + recovery = 1 interval cycle. They represent good endurance training in the water.


This strength and muscle training works through all of the major muscle groups. It utilises dumbbells and leg weights designed especially for use in the water. Each programme lasts for three months, after which the exercises change.


This intensive form of water aerobics teaches you a variety of hand and foot strikes and builds up combinations of steps. The muscles in the upper body get the best workout. Special gloves are used during the sessions.


This powerful cardio workout in the water requires you to give your all! Like interval training, here each session varies between intensive and less intense exercises, usually for periods of 40/20, 30/15 or 20/10 seconds. The training is very effective at burning calories, for which reason it demands both aerobic endurance and greater athleticism. It is best suited to those with a higher level of fitness.


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